Monday, 10 October 2011


Message from Sophie Parker-Loftus SLIC representative:

SLIC MEETING 21.10.2011
I am the SLIC representative for the MMU this year. We are meeting on the 21.10.2011.
The Student Landscape Institute Council or SLIC is the student arm of the Landscape Institute. Run by students for students, SLIC is a standing committee of the LI tasked with delivering events and addressing student concerns. It’s most recent activity was to run the Big Landscape student summer conference in July 2011. They are currently making plans for the 2011/12 academic year and would welcome your suggestions.

Please email any suggestions/matters/concerns to Ian Fisher by the 18.10.2011 or if you been given my email by one of your lecturers please email me directly or alternatively I am in the studios/library 1.floor on Friday 14.10.2011. Please do not comment on the blog.

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