Saturday, 18 June 2011

Have a look at the lovely website radical cartography - lots of food for thought.

Bill Rankin is a historian and cartographer. His mapping activity is focused on reimagining everyday urban and territorial geographies by pushing techniques of statistical information design and rethinking everyday cartographic conventions. His maps have appeared in several publications and exhibitions, including articles in Perspecta, Harvard Design Magazine, and National Geographic and shows at Harvard University, Pratt Institute, and the Toronto Images Festival; several of his maps are also traveling with ICI’s “Experimental Geographies” show through 2011. Most of his cartography can be seen on his website, His historical research is about the changing technologies of cartography and navigation in the twentieth century. He is currently finishing a PhD on this topic at Harvard, and will begin teaching in the history of science program at Yale in the fall of 2011.

Agriculture Bill Rankin 2007

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